2009 Thru-hikers!!

Every year I try to hike a section of the Appalachian Trail (AT) to try to meet thru-hikers and this year I was trying to see a friend who is hiking the trail, Grampa Hugh. On our hike we met about 13 other thru-hikers but not Hugh.  I don’t remember all of the thru-hikers names but some is better than none so here they are: Rocket, Broadcast, Poky, Snooze, Red-Bear and Low-key. There were several thru-hikers that didn’t have trail names yet. This year I took my big brother, Roddy, with me on the hike. We started our hike at Stecoah Gap and went south to the Nantahala Gorge.  This section enjoys beautiful views from Cheoah bald (5062 ft elevation), it was spectacular. The climbs were strenuous for non-trail hardened folk but we survived. The weather was perfect with clear and sunny days and cloudy, cool nights. We camped with Jason and Justin (Broadcast) at Locust gap where we talked about gear and junk from my days in outdoor retail. It was really great talking to guys who like outdoor gear as much as I do. I enjoyed meeting all the thru-hikers and wish them well on their hike.




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