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Cold Weather Camping reminder

OK, I know most of you have already packed for the weekend campout but I wanted to send this a special reminder of a few little details. It look like it is going to be pretty cold and I want to make sure everyone is prepared for it. So here are a few things to remember about cold weather camping. Let’s start with the obvious, cloths. Layering is the best way to stay warm, thermal underwear if you so desire. A fleece or sweater is a good mid layer with a wind breaker as the outer layer when windy or really cold. The advantages of layers is as you become active you can vary the number of layers to how cold or warm you are. While sleeping in the cold you will need to be sure you have a ground pad under your sleeping bag. It is important to know that if you use a blow up mattress you will likely be cold as the air in the mattress will be as cold as the ambient temperature and your body heat will be pulled from your contact to the mattress. The better option is a pad that is foam or a combination foam and air such as a “Therm-o-rest”. There are foam ground pads for sale at outdoor sports stores and you can spend little or much. If you are planning on camping for years to come you may consider buying a good ground pad. Be sure you have a good sleeping bag and or enough blankets to keep you warm. If you are considering buying a sleeping bag I would suggest a 15 degree rated, mummy style, and synthetic filled. This won’t make since unless you are shopping sleeping bags. Do not put candles or heaters in your tent. Warm hat, gloves and warm socks are a good idea. A warm hat is a must. I sleep in a light thermal toboggan cap to keep me warm.


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