Hiking preperation

hiking-598203_640You need proper preparation for hiking. Safety is important on your hike so you need to ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected. If proper preparation is done before hand, then you can avoid  dangerous situations that may arise.

The basic idea when packing for hiking is always  is to minimize weight of your backpack. Plan ahead and think of the risks and possible hazards of your trip and pack accordingly.

Packing sounds easy but it is actually harder than it sounds. Some naive hikers overestimate what activities they will do while on their hike, so generally they will pack more items than they have to. Because of this, the weight of their backpack makes hiking on the trail quite slow.

Follow these tips for packing for your trip.

Duration of the Trip

Before the trip, identify the length of your trip and pack only enough for your trip.

Food and water.

How many days food and water will you need?

For most people water is an issue, as it is quite difficult to survive without water and an average hiker will require at least 3-4 liters of water a day.

Next is food, you need to plan your menu ahead of time. Provide enough food for each person o the hike and the number of days.


The third concern is the shelter. Plan for shelter but be prepared if you don’t make it to your destination. This means  having tents in your gear. So take the lightest weight compact tent, that you can find that will accommodate all the folks on your hike.

Weather conditions

Consider the weather and pack the right kind of cloths. However be sure you bring some insurance cloths, by this I mean a fleece sweater and a rain shell. I never go hiking with out a fleece and a shell. This protects me from a wind and water which could cause hypothermia even in what seems to be a warm day.

Be prepared.




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