Hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2009?

I’m not but I wish I were. Every year around this time I start getting nostalgic about the Appalachian Trail. I remember the anticipation of getting prepared for the big day when I would set off to make history and be one of the few crazy hikers to hike the whole trail in one season. So I thought I would write a few post addressing you crazy 2009 thru-hikers.

            Getting advice for hiking the AT from someone who has done it is valuable but always remember to hike your own hike. The way I hiked the trail may not work for others so don’t force it just do it the way you prefer and hang everybody’s advice.

            Lightweight hiking is the way to go. I started the hike with way too much stuff and soon found myself sending things home that I never thought I could do without. I found that the extras of things were heavy. Things like and extra set of clothes. In cold weather my clothes consisted of synthetic thermal underwear (never cotton), a pair of nylon blend shorts, a mid-weight fleece pullover, and nylon wind pants and jacket. I did have one extra pair of socks. That was it. Nope no underwear, no sweat pants to change into, no t-shirt to sleep in. I know you are thinking that you should have extra in case you get wet clothes. The clothes I listed you will notice were synthetic and even if I was to get wet these synthetics keep you warm. This brings me to a tip.

TIP* I found that my synthetic fleece pullover could dry my socks out overnight when I slept with them on my chest under my fleece pullover. My socks were not wool, this only works with synthetic socks.

Stay tuned for more info for hiking the AT.




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