You can see the sky waiting for you at the top. But lets not celebrate until you get there.grand-teton-national-park-flowers-725x544

Mountain hiking has become the trend now a day. Mountain hiking is a trip in which you usually go longer distance and into higher elevations than most regular hikes.

The basic thing to remember is that both equipment and gear for mountain hiking can be different, depending on the mountain that you are planning to climb along with the weather conditions.

Needed gear list useful for mountain hiking trips below:


Similar to the simple hiking, the type of clothes should be for appropriate for hiking. Mountain hiking also requires the clothes to have three distinct layers. The clothes should not be cotton and should be made of synthetic material. The First layer you should wear a pair of synthetic long johns both top and bottom. The base layer will help you keep your skin dry.

The second layer is the insulation layer which delivers more warmth, the base and shell layer do not deliver insulation as such. Mountain hiking shirts for the particular climate like Fleece or flannel sweaters are good insulators. Pants made of fleece or the like with zips on the sides to break open if you feel too hot.

The conditions in the mountain hiking can be extreme. A super insulation layer is often needed. You need to add additional number of insulation so as to make your body equalize in order to bear the cold. Some insulated clothes will have a hood to keep your head warm. There are expedition pants called down pants or pile pants

The third and last layer is called the shell layer which will provide protection from rain, wind, snow dew etc.

Taking care of your eyes

The mountain ice mass of Alaska may irritate your eyes. So you need to take of your eyes and protect it from snow and avoid immense glare even on a cloudy day, otherwise snow blindness may result. The sun glasses used for mountain hiking should give your eyes ultimate protection from ultraviolet and infrared beams along with the glare protection from the sides.




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