Leatherman Tools and Kleenex

“Leatherman” tools are an all in one tool that has pliers, knife and screwdrivers in one compact collapsible tool. These tools are very handy for camping as it saves space and the headache of trying to find these items separately. When looking at buying a multi-tool you should know that “Leatherman” is like “Kleenex” in so much as the name is concerned. That is, just like Kleenex is what many people call tissues when it is really a name brand of tissues. The Leatherman brand has become synonymous with multi-tools. So buyers beware. There are other multi-tool manufacturers that are good but there are also some brand knock-off pieces of junk. In this case it is often you get what you pay for. The low quality knock-offs use cheap steel that don’t hold an edge so your knife blades are always dull and some of these tools handles will bend under stress. You should get “hands-on” with this purchase to make sure you like the way the tool functions and its features, for example the first generation “Gerber” multi-tool would pinch the users palm as you squeezed the pliers. I am not saying you need to buy a Leatherman brand tool. There are many other companies that make great multi-tools but avoid the cheaply make tools.




  • Ankit

    Nice review. I ralepced an old mini Buck multi-tool with a PS4 a few months ago. The PS4 is better in every way I can think of.Another option for clipping it to your keys is the little clips used for dog ID tags that you can get at a dollar store. I have that clip attached to a fishing swivel so I can use the PS4 as a lanyard and spin my keys around to select the key I need. The swivel also lets you hold the PS4, again like a lanyard, while turning keys in locks.

    • fischerls

      Love the PS4. Glad you are reading the blog. Thanks for the comment.


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