Start the hike…The AT “Appalachian Trail”

 When I first started my hike of the AT in March of 1993 I remember being excited about getting started but a little overwhelmed by size of the challenge. The advice I 2536534013_b0acd2d891_ohave for folks who are hiking the trail this year is to take your time. You get to choose the pace you hike and for how long you hike so do what you want. In the beginning I suggest taking it slow to get used to your way of hiking, packing, setting up and tearing down. These routines will change some until you have found “your way” of doing things and then you start to really get in a groove. Then I would say STOP and smell the roses. Don’t forget to really see what you are looking at. I would say that the real beauty of the trail is the people you meet so don’t miss the friendships and acquaintances that you will meet. While I was on the trail I discovered the how much my savior really loves me. I talked to Him everyday and I would pray and ask for specific things and He was more generous with gifts than what I had asked for. I came to trust in Him and to pray for the surprise that he wanted to give me. It was like knowing that your dad has a ton of money to spend on gifts for you and when you ask for a toy you are given the toy store. I know not a great analogy but that was how it felt for me. I remember hiking into a town where I didn’t know if there was a grocery store and if there was if it was going to be open late on a Sunday night. I prayed for the store and that it would be open late. I get there and it was just about to close but I was able to get my food and the owner asked to take me home to dinner with his family. It was an awesome experience. This is one of many stories of Christ’s gifts of love to me.




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