The Right Knot

I am always amazed how well things work when you have and use the right tool. Today I am thinking about knots. The right knot for the job make the job so much easier than when the wrong one is used. This post is not( ha) going to be about the perfect knot to use ( because there isn’t one) but rather the ones that have been the most useful to me.  Ok here we go.

The Square knot. I can hear you saying “Yeah, whatever, everyone says the square knot.” Ok well there is a good reason. It works. I also have to say here I always have to think about how to tie this one. It kills me but it’s true. The square knot is a staple knot forget it at you own peril. (I always wanted to say write that)

The Trucker’s Hitch. This is a knot that can tie down just about any load and be used  for many other situations. The key feature for this knot is that it can act as a pulley it gives you a very tight tie down or leverage point. I used this knot to tie canoes on to cars when I rented them to folks at the outdoor store. I found that it can be used in many situations and it doesn’t slip after you get it tight.

That’s it. If I had only two knots to teach you these would be it. Are there more useful knots to learn? oh yes, but these two have been game changing for me.  I challenge you to learn other knots but this is where I would have you start.


The Complete Book of Knots



  • Alina

    hi, great article. thanks for the opportunity to learn even more.

    • Asya

      I have used the palomar for years and it is snortg and easy to tie. The only thing negative I have found is it’s large size. I bottom fish with heavy #80 flouro. It puts a rather large hole in the bait which makes it easy for the fish to remove the bait. I have been trying the snell knot lately with good results. The only thing I don’t like is the tendency for the snell to loosen up. Wonder about the possibility of putting a dab of superglue on the knot?

  • Etelvina

    good website and happy messages. i like it. thank you master!


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