What is the heaviest thing you carry backpacking?

This is the question you often ask yourself while you are huffing and puffing up the trail. This and how do I get rid of some of this weight. So what is the heaviest thing you carry backpacking? It may surprise you to learn it is probably the backpack itself. Most people think about the capacity and the durability of their pack and forget to think about the weight of the pack. Most pack weights exceed 5lb. when empty. I know that doesn’t seem too heavy but it is when you have to carry it all day over extreme terrain. I suggest you reexamine your pack size and see if you can downsize your pack to a smaller size to save some weight. Pack materials have improved and the pack weights have come down as a result. Look for a lightweight pack that fits your needs and try to avoid buying a pack that is bigger than what you really need. Most weekend backpacking trips should not require over 3000 cubic inches. This is a tight squeeze for some but it can be done. Think about what you pack and ask yourself “Am I sure I will use this item this weekend?” If your answer is “I might not” then you should probably leave it out.



  • Renata

    Just a quick question. I work with Scouts and we are tecnaihg the 10 essentials to them. I have hang tags for LNT that we will be hanging on their packs, is there a hang tag with the 10 essentials listed on it? I have been trying to find one so we could place both on a clip(with @ 25ft of rope) that the boys can hang on their pack as a reminder. If you know of such a hang tag, please let me know.The videos I have seen are great, thank you for all the great work your doing.

    • fischerls

      Glad you liked the post. I don’t know of any hang tags like that but sounds like a great tool. Thanks!


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